How It Works

With our NAA Lease Take-Over program you can take over a lease with a low-down payment and if you have a lease vehicle that you need to get out of, we can also help.

How to Take-Over Lease

Lease Take-Over requirement

  • NAA Worldwide Member Only.
  • Find a vehicle you would like to take-over on NAA Lease Take-Over website.
  • Call our office at 1-800-514-3010 and speak with a Lease Transfer Specialist.
  • Application and credit report will be required.
  • NAA in-house lease transfer available.
  • Have a down payment.
  • Employed or business owned.

How to Get Out Your Lease

Lease Transfer Eligibility Check

If your vehicle lease this is transferable you can:

  • Exit your lease and save thousands of dollars.
  • Exit your lease and protect your credit rating.
  • Exit your lease quickly and easily.
  • Exit your lease and we will help you with all the paperwork.

NAA Consignment

Need to get out of your vehicle? You can put your vehicle on consignment with NAA if your vehicle meets our qualification and we will store in our secure facilities.

  • Payment current on the vehicle.
  • Have current auto insurance.
  • Registered owner.
  • More than 6 months left on your lease.
  • Vehicle in good condition.

Benefit of Consignment

This is the benefit of consignment

  • Lease Payment Guarantee coverage up-to 50%.
  • NAA Fleet insurance coverage.
  • Total lease transfer assistant.
  • Vehicle insurance coverage up to 10,000.000 by NAA.
  • 90-day consignment agreement.